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A Long Road to Pastures New

A Long Road to Pastures New

You’ll have to excuse any typos this month as I’m doing all this off my phone. My computer for some reason won’t play today.  It’s the reasons there’s no photos but hopefully I’ll sort that as soon as my computer is my friend again. 

New Horizons

September saw us at the Hawes Cheese Festival for the first time. It was a great weekend packed full of cheese makers all willing to share with a novice such as myself. Got a few ideas for new products but I’ve promised Jonathan no more until after the madness that is Christmas!

Business News

September saw us gain another new outlet & we’re delighted to add The Curing House in Middlesbrough to our family. 

Unfortunately we’ll be unable to take on anymore new customers until January now as we need to make sure we look after our current ones.

There are worse problems to have!

And of course there’s the moove. 

It’s official! It’s ours and we spent a lazy Sunday morning planning our adventure. Of course, that was the last bit of laziness we’ve had...shape of things to come I think. 

New Products 

We don’t have any new dairy products - I refer you to the above. I think I’d be in a bit of trouble if I did. Buuuut I do have a new product...our logo cheeseboard. 

We’re going to sell the board with 500gms of cheese (in a choice of 2) for £49.99. 

We’ve only commissioned 10 for now, just to see how they go. I do feel a tad excited about it though...


As I write this the Great British Cheese Awards has been judged & the Delicious Magazine Produce Awards is actually being judged - today & tomorrow. 

The competition is seriously tough so I’m trying not to get my hopes up to avoid disappointment but, well, you know, I’m doing pants at that! 


I celebrated my birthday by making my famous apple chutney using apples from Pond Farm - our first Pond Farm Produce. 

I appreciate that doesn’t sound like a blast but to have the luxury of a few hours in the kitchen to make it was bliss - I haven’t made chutney since we took over the cheese business.

I’m thinking that next Christmas we could have Allison’s Apple Chutney in our gift boxes...

I haven’t mentioned this to Jonathan yet...

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