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Cheesy Chats - Cheese Accompaniments

Published on 1st June 2019

Jams and Preserves

Figs make a quintessential cheese pairing whether dried, fresh or in jam form. This sweet-savoury meaty fruit matches perfectly with so many cheeses and it’s complexity of flavour and exotic feel adds a real splash of excitement. We think it goes particularly well with our Teesdale Goat cheese.


Fruit always pairs well and dried fruit with its concentrated sweetness and intensity is always a good choice and means you can enjoy it out of season. Not so much of a problem in the summer but a real bonus in the winter months. Dried apricots go especially well with a white creamy cheese like our White Hilton.


Although nuts of any type add fantastic crunch to any cheese plate my personal favourite is caramalised pecan nuts. They have an additional sweetness that adds dimension and texture that can really set your cheeseboard to another level of sophistication.


This is a great opportunity to add some spice to the plate and you can be adventurous especially if you have a lot of creaminess and fat in your cheese to offset the wallop of heat. We make a fantastic spiced apple chutney here using the apples from Pond Farm and we have yet to find a cheese that it doesn’t compliment.


Honey is sweet, pleasing, smooth and is a tradition with cheese in many countries, although it hasn’t caught on here in the way I would have liked. Add a chunk of honey comb and it also adds a dramatic statement. A delicious accompaniment to blue cheese and our Teesdale Blue really rocks out with a touch of this magic sweet stuff.

Add a range of breads with rye, linseed and sourdough and top off with Peter’s Yard crispbreads and you have a platter to be proud of.

All you have to do is open the wine...more on that one later.

Happy cheesing!

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