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Cheesy Chats  - Portion Sizes

Cheesy Chats - Portion Sizes

I am often asked, ‘how much cheese should I serve?’  Different websites tell you different things so there’s clearly no hard and fast rules and much depends on the occassion, how many cheeses you are serving and, obviously, how much you like cheese!

For us, there’s no such thing as too much cheese but we’re also an advocate of no waste, in addition we know all about budgeting, so here’s some tips on how much to serve, how best to serve and store left overs and a couple of money saving tips.

How much Cheese?

If your cheese is coming at the end of a meal we would suggest 25gms per person of each cheese is sufficient in total and you have no need to serve more than three types of cheese.So a total of 70-90gms in total per person.

Similarly if your cheese is part of a buffet although in this case you might want to get a full wheel of each cheese as a statement piece.This will depend on numbers of course but many cheesemakers make different sizes.We make small cakes of ranging from small 250-300gms ones right up to 3 kilos and a few in between and we discount for larger orders.

If your cheese if the main event such as a cheese and wine party then you can really splash out on size, quantity and variety although we would recommend you serve no more than six or seven cheeses. Here you’re looking for a minimum of 150gms per person.

Serving and Storing Tip

Cheese is best served at room temperature so you want to take out your cheese about an hour before eating.  Don’t cut too early however as it could dry out (depending on ambient temperature and humidity).If you do need to prepare it beforehand wrapped the cut cheese tightly in tin foil to seal in the moisture.Don’t use cling film if you can avoid it.Cheeses, especially soft cheeses, do not store well in plastic as it makes the cheese sweat.

When your event is over store the remainder cheese the same way and it will keep better.  With soft cheeses east sooner rather than later as they continue to mature even at fridge temperature, unless you want them to get especially ripe.Our White Hilton and Teesdale Goat get especially ripe if left.

Money Saving Tips

If you’re on a budget consider buying smaller amounts of the more expensive artisanal cheeses and using larger amounts of inexpensive cheeses.

Serve plenty of bread, crackers and garnishes for your guests to fill up on.

Store your leftover cheese correctly (as explained above) and if you have cheese that’s past it’s best DON'T THROW IT AWAY!  It's perfect to use on pizza’s, in soups and stews to add depth of flavour or make a pasta sauce with it.

For our Teesdale Blue recipe see our you tube channel and check out the Recipes playlist. It’s super quick and you can use any cheese to make the sauce and if you have a recipe for a dish you’ve created from our cheeses let us know

Happy cheesing!

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