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Cheesy Chats Series 1: Episode 4 Cheese and Wine

Cheesy Chats Series 1: Episode 4 Cheese and Wine

Last time I talked at length about different accompaniments to cheese and what better one than wine!

Cheese and wine are a traditional pairing and there’s good reason.

The tones and notes of flavour in both cheese and wine, when matched well, enhances both significantly.

I’ve chosen matches to our cheeses and described our cheeses so you can use the information here to pair your particular favourites.  

So, here’s my selection.

White Hilton is a creamy semi-soft white cheese with a rich and lingering flavour.  The naturally grown rind adds a nutty quality to the taste.  The rich taste means it serves well with a crisp white wine like a Chablis.

Our Teesdale Blue is a mild creamy blue when it’s young, but has a punchy earthy taste when it is extra matured.  Consequently it has a top note of cream, complemented by the deep rich blue undertone which deepens with age. Serves well with a robust red wine like a Malbec.  Alternatively try it with a dessert red such as a dark muscat.

The Teesdale Goat has a full mouth mild taste of goat, complemented by our unique natural mould ripened rind. This is complemented very well by light white wine such as a Pecorino, a wine that also compliments our Barney Brie and is a good wine for any light touch cheese.

For this reason I am going to recommend it for our Doris too! Doris is our first move from semi-soft cheese.  This semi-hard cheese has a crumbly interior, similar to a crumbly dales type cheese in texture, with a buttery edge finished off with our signature unique rind.  It is named after Grandma who has helped improve the quality of the milk since arriving as a new bride in 1945.It was launched in October 2018 in celebration of her 92nd birthday.

I hope from this you can begin to experiment and select wines that suit your particular favourite cheese.  Don’t be afraid to try a few different combinations and remember, you can now buy many wines in those small two glass bottles, perfect when your exploring taste combos!

Happy pairing!

Next time I’ll talk about another of my favourite pairings: beer and cheese!

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