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Darling Buds of May

Published on 1st May 2018

New Horizons

We didn't get to see much of May but I'm told we had some lovely weather.  We had a manic month of food festivals and sold out every day! Teesdale Cheese does travel beyond Teesdale.

(Speaking of which, as I write this our cheeses our winging their way to Munich for the Queens Birthday celebration. I can’t quite believe it to be honest.)

Closer to home we teamed up with Northumberland Cheese to host a cheese and wine evening at Scarth Hall in Staindrop.  I had a lovely time sampling all the wines…I need to know what goes with our cheeses…to advise people…it's part of the job...


Someone out there nominated us for the Delicious Magazine Delicious Produce Awards. Apparently you nominated our Mature Teesdale Blue and our Teesdale Goat.

Well, we have been shortlisted for the regional finalists so thank you so much!  Judging takes place this weekend.

The Great British Cheese Awards are back and if you want to see us shortlisted again all you need to do is nominate us. If you have the time we’d very much appreciate it.  Click here for the link.

New Products

Our kefir sales are still climbing steadily, which is exciting, but my new batch of Nanny Blue failed miserably...again. Back to the drawing board on this one.

Last month I mentioned I had been playing with a new crumbly cheese - our first foray into semi-hard cheese. We took some to our markets in May and it sold out!  More importantly we had a number of people contact us to say how much they enjoyed it.  So obviously it’s now gone into production. We’re currently debating the name…

Finally, I’m dabbling with yogurt… (Jonathan rolls his eyes, ‘as if she hasn’t got enough to do.’)

Business News

We are astounded to announce that May was our biggest sales in our history, even beating last December. Amazing result from our little kitchen. Can’t wait to move into bigger premises!

Speaking of which...more news on the mooove - did you see what I did there? Our offer on a property has been accepted and the commercial loan has been approved. Next steps are the valuation and planning. Keep sending those good vibes out for us please.

And we continue to grow. This month we gained three new outlets in Newcastle which include: Mmm...and glugBlackfriars and Tyne Bank Brewery, taking our total to four with Brinkburn Street Brewery due to come on board when they open in June and another three restaurants showing an interest. I feel like a rock star who’s broke America!

Locally we will also soon be supplying Lartington Hall who ‘love the cheese’.

Our final piece of business news is that our trademark has been approved. Tilly is delighted!


There was no ‘US’ this month but we have plans to make up for that...

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