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You can visit us at Cafe Cheesedale on our little farm where you can have lunch, a snack or a drink choosing from a range of wonderful food, either made or raised here on the farm, or sourced locally.

Afterwards you can buy our delicious cheeses as well as a small range of locally sourced products and cheese related gifts.

And if you still want to hang around, it is a beautiful place afterall, you are welcome to meet our rare breed pigs who are reared on the whey, a by-product of the cheesemaking, and take a peek in the dairy where the cheese is made.

If all that isn't enough and you want to stay longer, why not book a stay in one of our beautiful off-grid lodges with wood fired hot tub, stunning views, and incredible dark skies.  

Here's to a slice of cheese and tranquility!


Our Location

Pond Farm, 11 Copley Lane, Butterknowle, DL13 5LW