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Our Cheeses

We make soft, semi-soft and crumbly cheeses

Our family run business uses cows milk from the family's dairy farm in Teesdale.  It's been in the family for four generations so we know the milk is good.

Cheese Boxes

''These are some of the nicest cheeses I have ever tasted.  Durham should be proud.'

Rosemary Shrager, Celebrity Chef


Teesdale Blue

A mild creamy semi-soft blue veined cheese, Teesdale Blue was one of the first cheeses we made.  It has won several awards and continues to be a popular choice.  Made from cows milk from the family farm.


White Hilton

A complex creamy white cheese that changes as you chew it.  White Hilton was one of the first cheeses we made and is named after the village Hilton where the family farm is.  Grandad never lived further than a 2 mile radius of Hilton.


Barney Brie

Our robust farmhouse brie packs in a lot of flavour for such a small cheese.  It has a unique appearance due to the flora and fauna that surrounds our cold room so we feel it truely represents the area of Teesdale.



A dales style cheese, crumbly in the middle with a soft edging.  Doris is named after Grandma on the farm, who's chicken money helped buy the first quality cows.  Our award winning cheeses are as much a part of her legacy as Grandad's.


Allison's Garlic Special

Inspired by a maltese recipe and a nod to Allison's maltese roots, Allison's Garlic Cheese is a young fresh cheese made with mulberry milk from the family farm.  The combined heritage of Allison and Jonathan in cheese.



Ronnie, or Grandad to us, fiercly and successfully protected the family dairy farm against foot and mouth in 2001.  Using a similar recipe to Doris but cut, waxed and matured for a tangier more acidic flavour, our Ronnie cheese recognises that our award winning cheeses are a part of Grandad's legacy. 


Teesdale Dessert Cheeses

Our flavoured Teesdale Dessert Cheeses: Velvet, designed to pimp up your pud or have as a sweet treat!  In three gorgeous flavours:  Luscious Lemon, Zingy Ginger and Blissful Blackcurrent!


What our customers say

What a fabulous place. Loads of lovely cheeses and local foods and even gin!! Had a cheese platter for 2. Doris cheese was best, sadly none in stock to buy but will try before we leave the area. Staff extremely helpful and patient putting up with all our questions.

Julie, Google Review

Really enjoyed our visit to Teesdale Cheesemakers Farm. Came accross it while just out for a drive and taking in the local scenery. Great coffee and delicious cakes. Took some of their cheeses home, they`re outstanding.

Arthur, Google Review

That's one of the nicest cheeses I have ever tasted.  Durham should be proud.

Rosemary Shrager, Celebrity Chef